Konzert am 14.06.: A Musicall Banquet

My heavy sprit opprest with sorrows might (Anthony Holborne)
Change thy mind since she doth change (Richard Martin)
O Eyes leave off your weeping (Robert Hales)
Goe my flocke, get you hence (anon.)
O deere life when shall it be (anon.)
To plead my faith where faith hath no reward (Daniell Batchelar)
In a Grove most rich of shade (Tessier)

Teil 2
Farre from triumphing Court (John Dowland)
Lady if you so spite mee (John Dowland)
In darknesse let me dwell (John Dowland)

Teil 3
Si le parler et le silence (anon.)
Ce pencer qui sans fin tirannise ma vie (anon.)
Vous que le bon heur r’appelle (anon.)
Passava amor suarco dessarmando (anon.)
Sta notte mien yana (anon.)
Vestros oios tienen d’Amor (anon.)
Se di farmi morire (Domenico Maria Megli)
Dovrò dunque morire (Guilio Caccini)
Amarilli mia bella (Guilio Caccini)
O bella pipiu (anon.)


The Schoole of Night
Maria Skiba, Sopran
Jakob Ahles, Bass-Bariton
Frank Pschichholz, Laute

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